YouTube introduces new YouTube Music icon in its main app

When users initially viewed lyric videos on the main YouTube app, YouTube introduced a new way for them to play their lyric videos in YouTube Music. Now, users will notice a tiny new YouTube Music logo that makes the idea of carrying music lyrics videos over to the aforementioned apps more obvious and straightforward.

The rollout of the new feature started last Friday and is aimed at Android users.

This new YouTube Music button appears in the upper-right corner of the video window, just before the autoplay icon. Tapping it will open YouTube Music to the same song the user is playing in the main YouTube app. Note, however, that it doesn’t start where the user left off. Instead, its playback position will always be the start of any content, which is somewhat practical for listening to music.

In addition to using the new icon and blue banner, there’s another option to switch to YouTube Music: Users can turn to the main app’s overflow menu. It can be found at the very bottom of the menu and says “Listen with YouTube Music”.

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