Voi Partners with Northampton Film Festival to Offer Discounted E-Scooter Rides for Attendees

Voi, the leading provider of shared e-scooters in Northampton, has announced its collaboration with this year’s Northampton Film Festival. The partnership aims to enhance the festival experience by offering discounted Voi e-scooter rides to the event’s staff, judges, VIPs, and attendees. By utilizing the convenient and eco-friendly e-scooters, participants can swiftly navigate around the town during the festival, which spans from 22nd May to 4th June 2023.


Exclusive Discount Codes on Northampton Film Festival Gyder Maps App


To avail themselves of the discounted rides, festival-goers can obtain exclusive discount codes through the Northampton Film Festival Gyder Maps app. This intuitive app, designed to enhance the festival experience, will serve as a gateway to accessing reduced-price Voi e-scooter rides. Attendees can effortlessly locate and unlock the e-scooters using the app, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable means of transportation between the various festival events happening across Northampton.


Voi Embraces Northamptonshire’s Independent Spirit


Jack Samler, the regional general manager for Voi in the UK, Ireland, and France, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “We’re thrilled to join forces with the Northampton Film Festival. The festival embodies the independent spirit of Northamptonshire, which strongly resonates with Voi as a company. Our e-scooters provide individuals with the freedom to conveniently and rapidly traverse the town. They are user-friendly, requiring only a simple app download, a tap, and off you go! Moreover, they offer a fun and affordable means for people to zip between the festival’s numerous events.”


Festival Director’s Excitement and Benefits of E-Scooter Transportation


Becky Carrier, the Festival Director, conveyed her excitement about the collaboration, emphasizing the festival’s commitment to uniting people in Northampton town center and across the entire town. She expressed, “Northampton Film Festival is dedicated to bringing people together. We are delighted to provide festival attendees with discounted access to this environmentally-sustainable mode of transportation. Furthermore, our new Gyder Maps app listing enables visitors to effortlessly organize their transportation while exploring our festival offerings, all conveniently accessible through their smartphones.”


Sustainable Travel Advocacy by West Northamptonshire Council


Cllr Phil Larratt, the Cabinet Member for Environment, Transport, Highways, and Waste at West Northamptonshire Council, encouraged sustainable travel choices during the Northampton Film Festival. He commended the festival for its role in celebrating the rich culture of West Northamptonshire and urged attendees to utilize the excellent e-scooter scheme as a means of reaching festival events sustainably.


Full Lineup of Events and Details


For a comprehensive overview of the events scheduled for the Northampton Film Festival, attendees can visit the official festival website at https://northamptonfilmfestival.eventive.org/. The website provides detailed information on the exciting range of activities, screenings, and workshops offered throughout the festival period.


Voi’s Commitment to Inclusive Micromobility


Voi’s collaboration with the Northampton Film Festival aligns with its mission to provide safe, sustainable, and reliable micromobility for all. As part of their commitment, Voi offers the “Voi for All” initiative, which includes discounted travel options for individuals with low incomes. This program caters to a diverse range of individuals, including refugees, asylum seekers, disabled people, and those over 65 years old, ensuring that everyone can benefit from the cost-effective transportation solution Voi e-scooters provide.


In conclusion, the partnership between Voi and the Northampton Film Festival marks an exciting development for both residents and visitors of Northampton. With discounted Voi e-scooter rides available through the Gyder Maps app, attendees can enjoy swift and convenient transportation during the festival. This collaboration embodies the festival’s celebration of Northamptonshire’s independent spirit while promoting sustainable travel choices and enhancing the overall festival experience for all participants.

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