TSE to extend trading hours on the spot market by 30 minutes in the second half of 24 years

The Japan Exchange Group announced on the 27th that it will prepare to extend the trading hours of the physical market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange by 30 minutes. It is scheduled to be implemented by the latter half of 2024, and after the extension, the transaction end time will be changed from the current 3:00 pm to 3:30 pm.

Regarding the extension of trading hours, “improvement of resilience (resilience, resilience)” will increase the possibility of securing trading opportunities in the event of a failure, triggered by the suspension of trading all day due to a system failure in October last year. From this point of view, the study was underway.

Trading hours in Japan are shorter than those in Europe, the United States, and Asian countries, and discussions have been held from the perspective of how to enhance competitiveness and attractiveness internationally.

In the future, we will explain to market participants and cooperate with information, discuss details such as schedules with related parties, and make them concrete. By 2022, we will disclose the connection specifications related to system updates. System tests and training are scheduled to be conducted in the first half of 2024 before the introduction.

From the market, “The presence of foreign investors in Japanese stocks is large. I think this is a necessary measure as the yen depreciates and the value of Japan declines. It is essential to do this, and it will be easier for European investors to participate even if there is a time lag. ”(Domestic securities) was heard. It was pointed out that “extending 30 minutes may be a trend of the times. Instead, I would like you to return the year-end and New Year holidays to half a day” (domestic management company).

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