Trans Women Faces Rugby Ban Due To Safety Concerns

World Rugby is considering the banning of trans women from the rugby matches because of growing safety concerns that have emerged after the following research. The proposed decision would make World Rugby the first international sports federation that takes that path.

The transgender working group has released the 38-page document, which acknowledges that that the safety concerns of transgender is likely be at least 20-30% higher. The report describe the risk of injury when a female player is faced by someone, who is going through male puberty. The report also revealed that trans women possess significant physical prowess over the biological women after they take medication to lower the testosterone.

The Draft Report says, “Current policies regulating the inclusion of transgender women in sport are based on the premise that reducing testosterone to levels found in biological females is sufficient to remove many of the biologically-based performance advantages. However, peer-reviewed evidence suggests this is not the case.”

“Ciswomen players (who do not undergo androgenization during development) who are participating with and against trans women (who do undergo androgenization during development) are at a significantly increased risk of injury because of the contact nature of rugby,” report said.

“While there is overlap in variables such as mass, strength, speed and the resultant kinetic and kinematic forces we have modelled to explore the risk factors, the situation where a typical player with male characteristics tackles a typical player with female characteristics creates a minimum of 20% to 30% greater risk for those female players,” draft report added.

“I acknowledge and accept the injury risks associated with transgender males playing contact rugby with males who are statistically likely to be stronger, faster and heavier than transgender males, as described in the World Rugby Transgender Guidelines which I have read and understand,” it added.

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