Stuart Broad Trying His Best To Fill To Match The Performance Of Jimmy Anderson

Stuart Broad revealed that he is trying his best to match the performance of Jimmy Anderson’s evergreen Test Career. Stuart Broad will start on the final morning to lead at least 220+ that would be considered as competitive for West Indies.

During the match, the umpires were forced to disinfect the ball shortly before the lunch interval. The issue happened after Dom Sibley mistakenly rubbed his saliva on the ball and then he immediately alerted the other team mates to disinfect the ball. The officials have the power to issue two different warnings and a five-run penalty for not strictly following the SOPs of Covid-19 pandemic.

Stuart Broad said, “I think sometimes I get put in an older category than I am. Jimmy [who turns 38 at the end of the month] has taken around 130 Test wickets since he was my age, why can’t I do the same?”

“I’m hungry, my fitness levels are good. Why not try and emulate what Jimmy has done and play to his age? I feel I can. Today proved that again. When I set goals, it makes me hungry to achieve them,” Broad added.

“I’d be surprised if that was the route decided. We’ve been very successful. It’s such a unique summer with six Tests over six weeks that rotation will be necessary. We get put in a category together but we both perform well without each other and with each other,” Broad continued.

“I want to play with Jimmy again and hope he feels the same. We complement each other and create a lot of pressure together. When our paths cross again might depend on workloads but I hope we play together this summer and would be surprised if we don’t,” Stuart Broad said.

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