Sigma Commerce Releases New Software Sigma Commerce 1.5

The ecommerce software developer Sigma Commerce has released a new software which is basically an upgrade to flagship software product named Sigma Commerce 1.0 to the new version name Sigma Commerce 1.5.

Sigma Commerce 1.5 comes with improved reporting analytics that provides business owners deep insights into their business operations with the help of data as ecommerce always has much to do with the data.

The company has announced that Sigma Commerce 1.’s beta testing has successfully concluded and the software is rolling out to clients in the coming months.

Sigma Commerce 1.5 provides an Order Management Systems (OMS) for each client to connect with multiple Warehouses Management Systems (WMS).

Top Features of the Sigma Commerce 1.5

  • Sigma Commerce 1.5 has seamless management of inventory across many warehouses.
  • The software has Modern web-based platform which provides improved usability and access.
  • The software has new scanning technology which has improved efficiencies and increased accuracy.
  • Clients now get advanced dynamic capabilities.
  • New software has many more integrations and shopping stores support like Shopify and WooCommerce.
  • Now it has easy and custom API connections to interface with many existing systems.

President and CEO of Sigma Commerce Statement

President and CEO of Sigma Commerce Cary Samourkachian said, “Having the ability to manage inventory across multiple warehouses accurately is a key feature for ecommerce retailers with locations across the country. Ecommerce is all about data, and Sigma Commerce 1.5 is a major improvement in reporting analytics giving business owners deep insights into their operations.”

Head of Information Technology Statement

Head of Information Technology Chris Mangino said, “Our goal is to make the implementation process quick and easy for new clients. Backend ecommerce operations must yield accurate and reliable data at every step of the process, and that’s our focus.”

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