Omnicom Group Clinches Coveted Creative Holding Company of the Year Award at The One Show 2023

Celebrating Excellence in Advertising, Design, and Digital Marketing



Omnicom Group Inc. (NYSE: OMC) has emerged triumphant as the Creative Holding Company of the Year at The One Show 2023, solidifying its reputation as a leader in the global creative community. This remarkable achievement marks the sixth time in the past decade that Omnicom has claimed the coveted top spot. The One Show, renowned as the world’s most prestigious award show in advertising, design, and digital marketing, is an annual production by The One Club for Creativity. With a remarkable 50-year legacy, this illustrious event celebrates groundbreaking ideas and recognizes the exceptional contributions of creative minds worldwide.


A Resounding Victory


Omnicom’s exceptional performance garnered the highest number of points across all winning entries, earning them the esteemed title of Creative Holding Company of the Year. This achievement was made possible by the collective efforts of three agency networks within Omnicom: DDB Worldwide, TBWA\Worldwide, and BBDO Worldwide. These networks showcased their creativity and talent, securing positions within the top five of the highly competitive Network of the Year category. Additionally, BBDO Canada stood out as Agency of the Year, a testament to their outstanding contributions.


Chairman and CEO Commends Omnicom’s Success


John Wren, Chairman and CEO of Omnicom Group, expressed his pride in the agency’s leading-edge work and the impact it has on their clients’ brands and businesses. He acknowledged the brilliance and genius of the Omnicom team, emphasizing that the accolade of “Holding Company of the Year” holds little significance without their exceptional talents. Wren extended his heartfelt congratulations to the individual agencies for their well-deserved wins, reinforcing Omnicom’s commitment to excellence.


Recognizing Global Creative Excellence


Kevin Swanepoel, CEO of The One Club for Creativity, commended the creative work of Omnicom agencies worldwide. The esteemed juries of The One Show acknowledged and celebrated the stellar contributions of Omnicom’s agencies, emphasizing their exceptional creativity. Swanepoel further highlighted BBDO Canada for their outstanding achievements, naming them the Agency of the Year for 2023.


Consistent Success


This impressive victory at The One Show 2023 marks the second consecutive year that Omnicom has secured the highest number of points among thousands of participants from around the world. The agency’s success continues to grow, following their recent recognition as Ad Age’s Holding Company of the Year in the renowned publication’s 2023 A-List and Creativity Awards. These accolades further solidify Omnicom’s standing as the world’s most effective agency holding company, as proclaimed in the prestigious 2021 Global Effie Effectiveness Index.




As Omnicom Group Inc. emerges victorious as the Creative Holding Company of the Year at The One Show 2023, they reaffirm their position as a global leader in advertising, design, and digital marketing. This prestigious award, earned through the collective brilliance and creativity of Omnicom’s agency networks, showcases their exceptional talent and their ability to deliver impactful results for their clients. With a rich legacy of innovation and a commitment to excellence, Omnicom continues to push the boundaries of creativity, solidifying its status as an industry powerhouse.

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