Mitsubishi UFJ acquires Nomura HD’s Thai securities subsidiary for 21.2 billion yen

Mitsubishi UFJ has acquired 99.1% of the issued shares of Capital Nomura Securities (CNC), a medium-sized Thai securities company, and plans to acquire all the shares by the end of this year.

The purchase price is 5.5 billion baht (about 21.2 billion yen). In Southeast Asia, where economic growth is expected, we will collaborate with banks and securities to expand our business.

CNS is a securities company in Thailand that provides financial services such as securities brokerage services and asset management advisory services for individuals and corporations. As of the end of 2021, the total revenue was 1.9 billion Thai baht (about 7.3 billion yen).

Nomura HD is pursuing a strategy to focus on wholesale and high net worth business outside of Japan.

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