Metso Outotec Expands Filter Assembly Plant in China

Metso Outotec, a global leader in the filtration industry, has decided to expand its filter assembly plant in Suzhou, China. The expansion is aimed at responding to global market demand and to provide high-quality filters to its customers in the mining and other industrial sectors.

Doubling Capacity

The expansion of the plant will not only double local capacity in China but also provide additional space for the assembly of flotation drive mechanisms and mill reline equipment. The extended production facility is expected to open within a year and reach full capacity during H1 in 2024.

Expert Personnel

With the expansion, the number of personnel working at the plant is anticipated to increase to around 60 experts. Tero Tiainen, Director of Filter Manufacturing at Metso Outotec, explains that filters are used to separate solids from liquids in various industries. The filter assembly in Suzhou started in 2009 and has been operating at the same location ever since.

Modular Manufacturing

In connection with the expansion, Metso Outotec will also update its procedures for simplified processing, modular manufacturing and lean management. This will enable fast deliveries to its customers and provide enhanced service and product quality, according to Chuncai Qiu, Suzhou Plant Manager.

Global Portfolio

Metso Outotec’s filtration portfolio consists of 15 different filter types and comprehensive services for hundreds of applications. Over 80% of Metso Outotec’s filters are part of the company’s Planet Positive portfolio, mainly due to their efficiency in the recovery and reuse of water. The company has carried out more than 14,000 filtration tests and delivered more than 5,000 filters for various applications worldwide, sold under the Larox® product name along with Metso Outotec corporate branding.


Metso Outotec’s expansion of its filter assembly plant in Suzhou, China, demonstrates its commitment to meeting the global demand for high-quality filters and providing enhanced service and product quality to its customers.

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