Klaravik Moves Development Operations to Lund’s Vibrant Posthornet 1 Property

A New Home for Klaravik’s Development Operations


In an exciting development, Klaravik, the well-known online auction company, has announced its plans to move its development operations in Lund to the vibrant Posthornet 1 property. The company has secured a three-year lease, positioning itself in a prime location near Lund Central Station. This move signifies Klaravik’s commitment to growth and its continued success in the ever-expanding online marketplace.


Klaravik’s Journey of Success


Klaravik, founded in 2011 in Karlstad, Sweden, has seen remarkable growth since its inception. The company, which operates a machinery, tools, and vehicle marketplace through its website www.klaravik.se, has become a key player in the industry. In 2022, Klaravik joined forces with TBAuctions, a prominent Dutch auction group and one of Europe’s largest online auction platforms. This strategic partnership has further strengthened Klaravik’s market position and allowed it to explore new opportunities for expansion.


A Perfect Fit for Klaravik: Posthornet 1


The lease agreement between Klaravik and Posthornet 1 encompasses 550 square meters of modern office space. Situated adjacent to Lund Central Station, the property offers unparalleled convenience for employees and visitors alike. The strategic location places Klaravik in close proximity to the bustling Kristallen municipal building, providing access to an array of public transport options and services. Moreover, the ongoing development of an additional 9,000 square meters of office space at Posthornet 1 promises even more growth potential for Klaravik and its tenants.


Excitement from Klaravik’s Leadership


Jonas Egidius, the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Klaravik, expressed his enthusiasm for the move, stating, “This will be perfect! Given that we have been searching for modern and fresh premises that meet our needs and allow growth for a while, we are looking forward to moving in.” Egidius’s sentiment is echoed by Ulrika Hallengren, the CEO of Wihlborgs, who stated, “Posthornet 1 is a real gem and offers large, flexible, and modern office premises in the center of Lund. Here, Klaravik will have many exciting neighbors in an appealing setting. We also look forward to completing the second phase of the development, which will provide even better opportunities for tenants to grow with us.”


A Promising Future for Klaravik


With the relocation of its development operations to Posthornet 1, Klaravik is positioning itself for a bright future. The move to a more expansive and modern office space signifies the company’s commitment to its employees and its dedication to providing an optimal work environment. As Klaravik continues to thrive in the competitive online auction market, this strategic decision will undoubtedly fuel its growth and enable it to serve its customers more efficiently.




Klaravik’s decision to move its development operations to Posthornet 1 represents a significant milestone in the company’s journey. The new location, coupled with the ongoing expansion of office space, will allow Klaravik to continue its upward trajectory in the online auction industry. As the company settles into its new home in Lund, its employees can look forward to a vibrant work environment surrounded by like-minded professionals. Klaravik’s move to Posthornet 1 is not just a physical relocation; it’s a testament to the company’s resilience, ambition, and dedication to providing top-notch services to its customers.

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