José Mourinho Praises Harry Kane For His Magnificent Performance

José Mourinho highly praises the special impact of Harry Kane after the magnificent second-match winning performance. During the last two games, he made two goals against Leicester and gave Tottenham a decisive boost in the Europa League Spot.

He has also scored twice at Newcastle on Wednesday. With the latest goals, his total goals in club football reaches 23 during a season.

José Mourinho said, “Everybody thinks – I think, you think – he’s a fantastic player, and Tottenham is so lucky to have him because he is the player and the person and the Tottenham boy. All this together makes him a really special player for us who probably wouldn’t be so special playing for another team. He’s really special for us and we want him to be happy. He wants victories and he wants to score goals.”

“I’m so happy that after such a difficult injury it’s going in a direction where he will end this season perfectly, and he will take that into next season,” Moruinho added.

“Spurs have now taken 13 points from five games and the 3-1 humbling at Sheffield United on 2 July appears something of a watershed. “The team is being a team. Even against Sheffield we were a team – a bad team but a team. I think the team is understanding better the principles of playing how we want to do, and I think it is a good step,” Mourinho said.

“There was an opportunity for us and we didn’t quite take it,” he said of a match in which Leicester had 71% of possession. “There’ll be disappointment but we go into a game next week with a shot at qualifying for the Champions League. If we don’t do it there’ll be bitter disappointment but there’ll always be gratification for what the players have given,” he concluded.

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