Iggesund Mill gets private 5G – and more sustainable transports

Together with Combitech, Holmen Iggesund has launched a revolutionising private 5G-network that will enable Iggesund Mill to, step-by-step, become one of the most efficient and the most digitally advanced paperboard mills. As a first step, transports are getting smarter.

Combitech, a Nordic tech-solution and consulting partner, is delivering the first private 5G-network, with indoor- and outdoor coverage, in Sweden. The network connects the unloading area of the mill with the port of shipment in Skärnäs. This is a first step to connect the entire operations at the Iggesund Mill, and more areas will be included, to secure the position as the most efficient, and most reliable mill in Sweden.

Why are we installing 5G right now?

Efficient, sustainable and secure 

​The private 5G-network will, as a start, address challenges related to communication and transports between Iggesund Mill and the port of shipment in Skärnäs. The network will allow an extremely fast, zero-to-no latency, wireless communication between the different systems connected to the transports. Improved reliability and stellar connectivity make sure Holmen Iggesund run the smoothest, most secure and most energy efficient transport operations. Minimizing unnecessary transports and consequently reducing the use of fuel, will also make the mill more sustainable.

The Iggesund Mill already has a sustainable production process, with a low carbon footprint, due to heavy investments in the mill energy systems the past decade. Transport is one of the areas where Iggesund can improve, making the investment in 5G with this focus as a start, even more important. Improving transport efficiency and long-term transition to non-fossil are key areas for the future.

With the 5G-network in place, it is possible to better track and analyse transport movements, decrease risk, save energy and analyse the entire mill operation going forward.

Another important aspect is cyber security. The private 5G-network enables a much more secure communication and connection between various applications.

“We at Holmen Iggesund have always been ahead of our time, whether it’s related to reducing carbon footprint or making sure we have the latest technology”, says Johan Nellbeck, CEO at Holmen Iggesund. “This is entirely in line with our strategy to be the most efficient and most sustainable sites. To get there, we need the best partners, and with the 5G -network together with Combitech, we take a big leap into the future.”, he continues.  

Johan Nellbeck, CEO Holmen Iggesund

“Connecting the Iggesund paperboard Mill with 5G is a very exciting “smartification”. We are of course very proud to get this going together with Holmen Iggesund and we look forward to working closely together to identify and implement all the digital services that this network enables”, says Jessica Öberg, CEO at Combitech.

Jessica Öberg, CEO Combitech

Future 5G-expansion

This is the first step of a roadmap to make sure Iggesund Mill stays the smartest and most efficient mill in Sweden. And the private 5G-network can offer immense possibilities in improving the mill operations in the future.

Peder Hägglund, Head of technology, project & IT at Holmen Iggesund, is very optimistic about the opportunities with 5G in place.

“This is just a first test to solve a real day-to-day problem, but I am even more excited about what we will be able to do in the future. 5G makes it possible to get mobility for our IT- and OT-system and with wireless sensors we can measure and analyse almost anything! With great data comes knowledge that gives us a good direction on what to improve. It could be process stability, quality, security, trouble shooting and many other areas, the sky is the limit!”, Hägglund concludes with a smile.

Facts 5G-network

  • Builds on the well-proven Nokia 5G-solution.
  • Will be launched in steps.
  • First test connects the unloading area of the mill with the port of shipment in Skärnäs.
  • Solving challenges related to transport communication.
  • Also minimizing unnecessary transports, making the mill even more sustainable.
  • Combitech will be responsible for planning, installation, commissioning, and support of the 5G-network.

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