Emotive.io Acquires Bloom Digital, Launches Emotive Attribution: Revolutionizing eCommerce Growth Strategies

Revolutionizing the eCommerce landscape, Emotive.io, the leading all-in-one growth platform for eCommerce brands, has recently made a groundbreaking move by acquiring Bloom Digital, a renowned marketing agency specializing in SMS marketing, email marketing, and paid advertising. This strategic acquisition not only solidifies Emotive.io’s position as a comprehensive solution for eCommerce growth but also paves the way for the launch of their latest product, Emotive Attribution. With a customer-centric approach and a focus on tailored solutions, Bloom Digital brings a wealth of expertise to Emotive.io, propelling the platform to new heights. Let’s delve into the details of this game-changing development.


Bloom Digital: A Customer-Centric Approach

Under the leadership of Danielle Hixenbaugh, Bloom Digital Agency has gained rapid recognition for its results-driven strategies and customer-centric approach. This anti-agency marketing agency prioritizes people and crafts tailored solutions that align perfectly with clients’ goals, delivering tangible and profitable results. Bloom Digital’s mission has always been to revolutionize eCommerce marketing by providing top-notch strategies, comprehensive reporting, and exceptional performance.


Emotive.io: A Comprehensive Growth Solution

Originally established in 2018 as an SMS platform for eCommerce brands, Emotive.io has consistently expanded its offerings. In 2023, the platform introduced two new product lines, solidifying its position as a frontrunner in the industry. The latest addition, Emotive Attribution, is a game-changer for marketers, offering a comprehensive view of marketing channel performance in a centralized location. From Meta and Google to Snap, TikTok, SMS, Email, Pinterest, and affiliate marketing, Emotive Attribution enables merchants to optimize their marketing spend by leveraging a first-party pixel, attribution model comparisons, and conversion journey insights. This empowers merchants to drive better results using first-party data, particularly in the post iOS16 world.


Emotive Services: Expanding Capabilities

In addition to the acquisition of Bloom Digital, Emotive.io introduces Emotive Services, an extension of the agency’s expertise in SMS, email, and advertising revenue growth for eCommerce brands. Since its launch in Q4 of 2022, Emotive Services has rapidly grown into a 7-figure business line, strengthening the platform’s capabilities and providing merchants with a dedicated partner to drive revenue growth across multiple marketing channels. This expansion further cements Emotive.io as the go-to partner for eCommerce brands aiming to elevate their marketing efforts and achieve outstanding results.


Brian Zatulove’s Vision

Brian Zatulove, the CEO of Emotive.io, expressed his excitement about the acquisition of Bloom Digital and the launch of Emotive Attribution. Zatulove emphasized that this strategic acquisition and product expansion would enable Emotive.io to provide even more comprehensive and effective solutions for eCommerce merchants, supporting their growth throughout the entire sales funnel. The combination of Bloom Digital’s expertise and Emotive.io’s innovative platform positions the company as a powerhouse in the eCommerce industry.



The acquisition of Bloom Digital and the launch of Emotive Attribution and Emotive Services mark a significant milestone for Emotive.io, solidifying its position as an all-in-one growth platform for eCommerce brands. This move highlights the company’s commitment to delivering exceptional results and empowering merchants to optimize their marketing strategies. With Emotive Attribution’s groundbreaking capabilities and Bloom Digital’s customer-centric approach, eCommerce merchants can expect a revolution in their growth strategies. As Emotive.io continues to pave the way for eCommerce success, merchants have a powerful ally to help them navigate the evolving landscape and achieve remarkable results.

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