EcoFlow Launches a New Best-In-Class 1kWh Portable Power Station DELTA 2

The eco-friendly energy solutions company EcoFlow has launched an advanced Delta Portable Power Station DELTA 2 which fully charges in just 1.3 hours. This power station has minimum of 10-year life and is capable to power 90% of electronic appliances.

DELTA 2, An All-Time-Best Portable Power Station

The new Portable Power Station has industry leading recharging speed that is seven times faster than the industry average. It has 3kWh of expandable capacity. Product lifetime is up to 10 years. The portable power station is advanced and efficient enough that it can become a must-have product for every family.

DELTA 2 with powerful 1800W AC output can be used as best backup solution during the increasing energy costs and growing problem of supply.

DELTA 2 Portable Power Station is much more than just a battery with its ability to charge 80% in just 50 minutes. It supports charging via solar panels and can run 90% of accessories. The outdoor camp workers or living off-grid in cabins don’t feel out of the home.

CEO of EcoFlow Bruce Wang said “Building on the success of our original DELTA Portable Power Station, the EcoFlow DELTA 2 demonstrates our commitment to refining our existing technologies.”

Main Features of DELTA 2

  • DELTA 2 has expandable capacity from over 1024Wh as it also has design which enables expandable capacity for booster performance. It can be combined with a DELTA 2 Extra Battery or DELTA Max Extra Battery, providing an impressive 2048Wh or 3040Wh of energy
  • It has Best-In-Class Recharging Speeds with industry leading full charge time of just 80 minutes and seven times faster than the industry average
  • It’s safe power supply for 90% of appliances including heaters, hair dryers, coffee makers, and electric grills
  • Industry-Leading Lifetime like premium LFP batteries deployed in Tesla Vehicles. It is optimized power station with a lifetime six times longer as compared to the industry average of 500 cycles

The EcoFlow Technology DELTA 2 will be available in retail price of $999 from September 16 on the company’s website and later on in offline stores as well.

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