Dicot Hires Mats Silvander, PhD as CTO to Boost Strategic Capacity

Dicot, the Uppsala-based pharmaceutical company, has recruited Mats Silvander, PhD, as their Chief Technical Officer (CTO). Silvander will lead and develop the company’s Supply Chain and Intellectual Property (IP) work, as part of a new management position established to strengthen Dicot’s internal capacity in strategically important areas. The move comes as Dicot prepares to enter clinical trials with its potency drug candidate LIB-01, and as the company seeks to build its reputation as a professional, innovative organization.


New CTO to Boost Dicot’s Strategic Capacity


Mats Silvander, PhD, brings over 20 years of industry experience to the role of CTO at Dicot. He has previously held positions as Director of Operations, Vice President Product Development, and Quality Manager, among others. Silvander’s expertise lies in pharmaceutical manufacturing, supplier management, patent work, and building and developing processes and effective teams. He most recently worked at the vaccine manufacturer Novavax AB and has also worked at BioGaia, Paragon Nordic, and Quinnova Pharmaceuticals.


The recruitment of Mats Silvander as CTO marks an important strategic step for Dicot as it seeks to build and professionalize its internal capacity. By focusing on key areas such as Supply Chain and IP work, the company hopes to continue to innovate and develop new, effective pharmaceutical products that meet the needs of patients and healthcare providers.


CTO to Drive and Develop Dicot’s Supply Chain and IP Work


In his new role as CTO, Mats Silvander will be responsible for driving and developing Dicot’s Supply Chain and IP work. This will involve working closely with other members of the management team to ensure that the company’s internal processes and systems are optimized to meet the needs of its customers and stakeholders. Silvander’s experience in building and developing effective teams will be crucial to this effort, as Dicot seeks to attract and retain top talent in a competitive industry.


Dicot CEO Comments on Silvander’s Recruitment


“We are very pleased to welcome Mats to our team. Mats’ solid expertise will be an important building block to drive and develop our Supply Chain and IP work in the best way and in line with the business strategy. This recruitment is an important strategic step in our targeted work to continue building and professionalizing Dicot”, commented Elin Trampe, CEO of Dicot.


Silvander Comments on Joining Dicot


“It is an honor to become part of a competent and driven company, and it will be fantastic to be part of developing Dicot to the next level”, commented Mats Silvander, Dicot’s new CTO. Silvander’s experience and expertise are expected to be critical in driving Dicot’s growth and success in the years to come.




Dicot’s recruitment of Mats Silvander, PhD, as CTO is a strategic move aimed at boosting the company’s internal capacity in key areas such as Supply Chain and IP work. Silvander’s extensive industry experience and expertise will be critical in driving Dicot’s growth and success in the years to come, as the company seeks to innovate and develop new, effective pharmaceutical products. With the support of a strong management team and a talented workforce, Dicot is well-positioned to meet the needs of patients and healthcare providers around the world.

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