Corem Signs Lease Contract with Patis Bakery for Prime Ground Floor Space at 28&7 in New York

Enhancing the Tenant Experience at 28&7


Corem, a prominent real estate company, has recently secured a significant lease contract with Patis Bakery, a renowned bakery chain, for a spacious 190 sq.m. ground floor area at the esteemed 28&7 project in New York. The lease, spanning a duration of 15 years, is expected to commence in the first quarter of 2024. This exciting development underscores Corem’s commitment to providing exceptional services to its tenants at 28&7, a highly anticipated 12-story office building in the Chelsea District of Manhattan.


A Perfect Blend of Location and Modern Amenities


Located at the prominent corner of 7th Avenue and 28th Street, 28&7 stands tall as Corem’s second-largest ongoing project. Developed in collaboration with GDS Development Management (GDSNY), this contemporary office building is set to become a hallmark of the Chelsea District. Offering cutting-edge features, the LEED Gold certified building boasts state-of-the-art technologies for air quality control and touchless systems, ensuring a safe and comfortable environment for its occupants.


Unveiling the Striking Façade


One of the standout features of 28&7 is its striking façade, which captures attention with its sleek and modern design. The building showcases a captivating exterior, characterized by elements crafted from black glazed terracotta. This visually appealing architectural choice not only adds to the aesthetic charm of the structure but also blends seamlessly with the vibrant surroundings of the Chelsea District.


Corem CEO Excited About the Partnership


Eva Landén, the CEO of Corem, expressed her enthusiasm regarding the lease agreement with Patis Bakery. In her statement, she emphasized the bakery chain’s contribution to the high level of service that Corem aims to provide its tenants at 28&7. With this lease signing, Corem takes another step towards creating a dynamic and inclusive community within the building, fostering collaboration and synergy among its occupants.


Strengthening Corem’s Market Presence


The lease contract with Patis Bakery further solidifies Corem’s market position in the United States. The total annual contract value for all the leases signed by Corem in the country has now surpassed 13 million USD. This accomplishment reflects the trust and confidence that tenants place in Corem as a reputable real estate partner, with 26 percent of the leasable area at 28&7 now secured through lease agreements.


Transforming the Chelsea District


The addition of Patis Bakery to the lineup of tenants at 28&7 is set to invigorate the Chelsea District, fostering a vibrant and diverse business ecosystem. As a popular bakery chain, Patis will not only bring delicious treats and culinary delights to the building but will also contribute to the overall atmosphere of the area. This exciting development serves as a testament to the potential of the Chelsea District as a thriving hub for business and innovation.


Future Prospects and Benefits for Patis Bakery


By choosing 28&7 as its new location, Patis Bakery positions itself strategically within a bustling district known for its rich cultural heritage and proximity to prominent landmarks. The bakery chain will gain visibility and accessibility, enabling it to serve a larger customer base and attract patrons from nearby offices and residences. This symbiotic relationship between Patis Bakery and Corem is expected to result in mutual growth and success in the years to come.


Redefining Workspace Excellence


With its state-of-the-art amenities and prime location, 28&7 sets a new standard for workspace excellence in Manhattan. Tenants at the building can expect a modern and comfortable working environment, complemented by the latest technologies in air quality control and touchless systems. Corem’s vision for 28&7 aligns with the evolving needs of businesses, providing them with a dynamic space that promotes productivity, collaboration, and well-being.


In conclusion, Corem’s lease agreement with Patis Bakery at 28&7 represents a significant milestone for both parties. The addition of Patis Bakery to the building’s tenant roster brings a delightful culinary experience to occupants while further elevating the appeal of the Chelsea District. With its cutting-edge amenities, stunning façade, and commitment to tenant satisfaction, 28&7 stands poised to redefine the workspace landscape in Manhattan, attracting businesses and fostering a thriving community within its walls.

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