Building a legacy – Ayesha Mulla is now Gen Z’s favourite musician

Ayesha Mulla owns a premium make-up brand and runs a beauty salon in the city of Dubai. She continues to work as an actor and influencer as well. Her strong sense of ethics and art of creativity have made her a terrifically credible influencer.


Ayesha Mulla finds her passion in arranging, composing and singing music that is thoughtful and engaging and she just happens to be one of those musicians who will remain with us forever – as her diverse and prolific output across several creative avenues gives audiences a dose of a different creativity.

Ayesha Mulla
           Ayesha Mulla

Ayesha Mulla has successfully released many tracks including the viral hit – Ghar Aaya Mera Pardesi. This song gathered more than 10 million views on the Saregama Music YouTube channel.


Ayesha Mulla believes in experimenting with her work and strives to give a peppy touch to her music. She believes this way she can reach a wide range of audience that will help her to connect with them eventually.


Now, Ayesha Mulla is spearheading her own game with a lot of innovation and creativity. Ayesha Mulla has already proven herself and her creativity by releasing different tracks released on all popular music streaming platforms.


Ayesha Mulla remarks, “The idea is to grip the audience and their soul with my music and set them free. In the process, I would have achieved my aim and purpose as well. I’ve been learning music for a while and plan to explore the international circle as well.”


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