Breaking News: AFRY and Morefish Join Forces in Land-Based Aquaculture Revolution

Unveiling a Pioneering Collaboration to Transform the Blue Food Sector

In a groundbreaking move that promises to reshape the future of aquaculture, renowned engineering and design firm AFRY has joined hands with Norwegian aquaculture consulting powerhouse Morefish. This strategic partnership, announced at the start of 2023, is set to drive innovation and sustainability across land-based aquaculture projects. Together, these two industry leaders are forging a path toward a more sustainable and technologically advanced Blue Food sector.

A Comprehensive Approach to Blue Food Development

AFRY and Morefish: A Synergetic Vision

Bringing their unique strengths to the table, AFRY and Morefish are poised to revolutionize the Blue Food sector by offering an integrated approach to clients. From the initial spark of business ideas to the full-scale operation of projects, this partnership covers every facet of land-based aquaculture. AFRY’s extensive expertise in project management and land-based fish farms perfectly complements Morefish’s specialized knowledge in fish biology and cutting-edge Recirculation Aquaculture System (RAS) technology.

A Glimpse into the Dynamic Collaboration

Seamless Integration of Expertise

The synergy between these two industry giants is already evident in their collaborative successes. Notably, their joint efforts on the Norway Royal Salmon smolt project showcased the remarkable potential of their combined expertise. AFRY’s forward-thinking strategies, coupled with Morefish’s deep insights into technology and biology, have consistently generated substantial value within the realm of land-based aquaculture.

Unlocking Unlimited Potential

Scaling Ambitions with AFRY and Morefish

Svein Martinsen, Development Manager at Morefish, shared his enthusiasm for the partnership’s prospects. He emphasized the joint ability of AFRY and Morefish to engage in projects of any scale and ambition. This indicates a seamless ability to cater to a wide spectrum of client requirements, reinforcing the partnership’s goal of driving growth and innovation across the Blue Food sector.

Setting the Stage for Transformation

Aqua Nor Conference to Witness the Partnership Launch

The partnership agreement, inked in early 2023, is set to take center stage at the Aqua Nor conference in Trondheim at the end of August. This conference will mark the official launch of this transformative collaboration. As industry experts gather to discuss the latest advancements and trends in aquaculture, AFRY and Morefish are poised to showcase their vision for the future of sustainable and technology-driven land-based aquaculture.

FAQs: Exploring the Details

What expertise do AFRY and Morefish bring to the partnership?

AFRY contributes its extensive experience in land-based fish farms and project management, while Morefish specializes in fish biology and advanced Recirculation Aquaculture System (RAS) technology.

 How will this partnership impact the Blue Food sector?

The partnership aims to revolutionize the sector by offering a holistic approach to clients, spanning feasibility studies to farm operations. It’s set to drive innovation, sustainability, and growth in the field of land-based aquaculture.

Can you provide examples of their collaborative success?

Their collaboration on the Norway Royal Salmon smolt project highlighted their combined expertise. AFRY’s forward-thinking strategies and Morefish’s insights into technology and biology generated significant value within the land-based aquaculture domain.

 What are the ambitions of Morefish within this partnership?

Svein Martinsen, Development Manager at Morefish, expressed their aspiration to become the leading expertise in land-based fish farming. Their collaboration with AFRY positions them to engage in projects of various scales and ambitions.

When will the partnership be officially launched?

The partnership agreement was signed in early 2023, and its official launch is scheduled for the Aqua Nor conference in Trondheim at the end of August, where industry experts will gather to explore the latest trends in aquaculture.

Key Stats from the Partnership Agreement

AFRY Morefish
Expertise Land-based fish farms, project management Fish biology, RAS technology
Approach Holistic client approach, feasibility to operations Specialized services in RAS
Collaborative Success Norway Royal Salmon smolt project, Swiss Lachs operations Notable impact on aquaculture industry
Ambitions Transition towards sustainable society Leading expertise in land-based fish farming
Launch Aqua Nor conference, Trondheim, August 2023 Official partnership unveiling


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