Baidu Apollo and Weimar officially release two new cars based on Weimar W6

Baidu Apollo and Weimar have officially released two new cars, both of which are based on Weimar W6. One is a new generation unmanned vehicle Apollo Moon mass-produced model (Apollo Moon Weimar version) equipped with lidar; the other is a mass-produced model equipped with Baidu’s ANP pilot assisted driving system and AVP autonomous parking system.


According to reports, Apollo’s autonomous driving technology will become an important indicator for distinguishing the different configurations of the Weimar W6 production version. Both the Weimar W6 unmanned vehicle Apollo Moon and Weimar W6ANP+AVP models adopt the “ANP-Robotaxi” architecture, which can achieve data symbiosis and sharing, mutual feeding, and creating a super data closed loop.


The Weimar W6ANP+AVP model is equipped with 12 cameras, 5 millimeter wave radars and 12 ultrasonic radars, which can realize higher-level pilot assisted driving capabilities such as intelligent avoidance, autonomous lane change, up and down ramps, and entry and exit service areas.


Officials said that since Baidu’s cooperation with Weimar has completed the full coverage from autonomous parking AVP, pilot assistance ANP to fully driverless Apollo Moon models.

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