ATRESplayer Expands its Presence Worldwide as it Becomes Accessible on YouTube TV

ATRESplayer platform based on the varied catalog of series and entertainment programs made in Spain, such as Aquí no hay quien viva, Velvet, the return of Los hombres de Paco, Los Protegidos and El Hormiguero, is now accessible on popular TV service platform YouTube TV.

ATRESMEDIA announced that it has made ATRESplayer available on YouTube TV. The company is now offering its most extensive catalog of productions made in Spain on US streaming giant for its viewers at a price of $4.99 a month.

Parent company of the ATRESMEDIA, Atresmedia Internacional

The parent company of the ATRESMEDIA group Atresmedia Internacional brings together four international channels; Antena 3, Astreseries, HOLA! TV and Atrescine and also provides Atresplayer Premium platform.

ATRESplayer on YouTube TV

YouTube TV is the television service of World’s most popular video sharing platform. The viewers of Atresmedia product, ATRESplayer will have to subscribe the ATRESplayer on YouTube TV and will be able to watch this channel without having to exit YouTube TV.

This move will help ARTESMEDIA streaming platform to expand the range of content in Spanish-language to larger user base offered by Google in United States.

Statement of Head of ATRESMEDIA International

In the words of Mar Martínez-Raposo, Head of ATRESMEDIA International: “With the arrival of ATRESplayer, we are continuing to support YouTube TV in its bid to both entertain and inform an increasingly large and influential audience within the United States, doing so through a common language.”

ATRESplayer provides many quality programs known around the world in the entertainment category, such as La Voz España, El Hormiguero and El Desafío, and documentaries like the best true crime shows and as well as investigation programs in Spanish. ATRESplayer also makes programs and contents with its own original productions for its subscribers.

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