AcouSort Leases AcouWash System to Major Japanese Industrial Player for Clinical Samples Evaluation

AcouSort, a life science company, announced today that a major Japanese industrial player has extended the lease of its AcouWash system to evaluate the complete assay workflow on clinical samples. This comes after a successful collaboration between the two companies and successful optimization of the sample preparation part of the diagnostic test.

Collaboration Leads to Improved Sample Quality

AcouSort has been working closely with the Japanese company’s research team over the past few years, helping to optimize their cell separation application required for the development of a new diagnostic test. The company has been very satisfied with the AcouWash sample preparation, which has resulted in higher sample quality and greater stability than the centrifugation-based method they used initially.

Project Reaches Final Evaluation Phase

The Japanese company has now extended the lease of the AcouWash system to evaluate the complete assay workflow on clinical samples. This evaluation is the final phase of the project, and once completed, the Japanese company will start an internal review process to evaluate the business potential and decide whether to initiate a product development project.

Seal of Approval for AcouSort Technology

“This project is in-line with our long-term strategy; to establish our acoustofluidic technology as the gold standard for providing integrated sample preparation in diagnostic and therapeutic instrumentation,” said AcouSort CEO Torsten Freltoft. “That the Japanese company has chosen to work with our technology in their assay development, and that the project has now reached the phase where clinical samples will be evaluated, is a great seal of approval.”

About AcouSort

AcouSort is a life science company that develops and provides integrated sample preparation solutions for the life science and diagnostic industries. The company’s acoustofluidic technology is designed to provide high-quality sample preparation for a wide range of applications.

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