T-Mobile announces 5G acceleration to provide 300 million Americans with high-speed 5G services by 2023

In an online analysis event held today, US telecom operator T-Mobile outlined some aggressive plans, including expanding 5G coverage, accelerating the replacement of existing products, and so on. The company said it plans to provide Ultra Capacity 5G (faster IF and mmWave services) services to 90% of US users (approximately 300 million) by the end of 2023.


The company also plans to provide a slightly slower Extended Range (low-frequency 5G network) for 97% of Americans (about 320 million) by the end of 2022. Currently Ultra Capacity has covered 125 million people, while Extended Range has covered 287 million people.


In addition, T-Mobile also stated that the average speed in areas currently covered by Ultra Capacity 5G networks will increase from 300Mbps to 400Mbps, and that speeds will be further increased in the future. This part of T-Mobile’s 5G service is mainly based on the spectrum obtained after the merger of Sprint. The frequency of the mid-band is very suitable for faster speed and wide coverage.

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